Pam Athey

 WTF!? What’s this for?  A message of light and illumination! In the midst of the winter darkness there is light. And it shines upon the darkest places in our lives and on our planet. The forces of good and evil are at work all over the world. Cause and effect. Positivity and Negativity. Relativity. Call it what you will…the “powers” are still at work in the universe and in us, by the choices we make and the things that we do. WTF!? Where’s the faith in the midst of all of this? How do we move forward with faith when it looks like the end of this world as we know it is an immanent reality soon to be realized and manifested on earth as it is in heaven? Some say “The end is near! The end is here” WTF!? Who to follow? What truth fits? Sure there is order in this universe of ours. We see it all around us and count on it to survive. Where would we be without time and space?  And yet the reality of dark matter is also “coming to light” in our time and place. This issue of light over darkness and light in the darkness are not new concerns for the human species. The themes of light and dark have been with us since the beginning when God was creating. We human are the “holders of the light” on earth and have been so since the beginning. What does it mean to be “holding the light”?  There are many possible interpretations. How do you hold the light? How does the light shine in you and in your life? How do you radiate the light? These are a few of the “so what?” questions you are invited to consider during this Season of the Epiphany.     Behold! Do you see it? Do you see the light? What can we see without light? How do we find our way in the darkness? How does the light help? Jesus said…I am the light! WTF!? We the faithful, we the followers, we the friends of Jesus Christ seek and follow the light. We try to be still and know as we seek the light of illumination and listen for God so that we might find our pathway home to God. In life, in death, in life beyond death, we are not alone, God is with us!  Thanks be to God!  Our home is in God. We have a light from which we came and to which we will return and that is the light of God, the Great I AM that lives in us. The breath of life, the blood of the body, the soul and the spirit of each living thing bears the light in the image and likeness of God and it is very very very Good. God has been defined as GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION. And given that all we have is our free will and our capacity to say yes or no and to do or not do, how do we align ourselves with the Good and the orderly and choose the direction? Do we want to move forward with faith? We participate with God as co-creators in our lives and so our choices matter.    In this season of the Epiphany, what is being revealed to you? WTF!? Where’s the faith? That is the question for we the faithful. We the faithful will continue to follow “The Way”. We will continue to follow Jesus and to be still and know God. Thank you for inviting me along for this part of your journey of faith. May we radiate the presence of the divine light and shine brightly for our world. In the cold and dark of winter, Jesus wants us to be sunbeams. Keep shining! Rev Jen