Pam Athey
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The Pacific Mountain Regional Council's BC Native Ministry, Indigenous Minister and communications team have created Orange Shirt Day videos to use in your United Church setting! We hope that you'll find ways to use them to amplify Orange Shirt Day in your communities of faith and ministries.   The Videos!

Video 1: Orange Shirt Day 2020 Resource for non-Indigenous United Churches  (19 minutes) This resource video has title slides to introduce the three speakers, and wondering slides to engage more with the topic of Orange Shirt Day and what the speakers are sharing. The video is suitable for people of all ages, and the wondering questions are framed for conversation across the generations.

Video 2 : Listening with Heart and Intention: Beverly Brown, for Orange Shirt Day  (22 minutes)

Video 3: Listening with Heart and Intention: Ray Jones, for Orange Shirt Day (37 minutes) We invite you to wear an Orange Shirt,  post pictures of yourselves wearing an Orange Shirt with the hashtags (so you can see everyone else who's posting them too!) #pmrcRelations #everychildmatters #orangeshirtday  share and use the videos above Every Child Matters - Every Day These videos and ideas are available to you now, for this week's Orange Shirt Day action, and any time of year.