Pam Athey

  Dear Friends in Faith,  

We want to communicate with you to share an important update. COVID-19 is spreading and creating major disruptions all over the world. These unprecedented times call upon us to respond. As a faith community we seek to respond with prayer, wisdom, compassion, and immediate action.  

The health and well-being of our congregation and community is important to us. So you are asked to stay at home and worship there for the next few weeks as the Covid 19 Pandemic runs its course.   Please join the United Church online for a variety of worship resources, live stream worship services and resources to sooth your soul during these times of social distancing and isolation. and/or the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada at     How do we stay connected?   Pray for one another and with one another via phone, skype etc.    Website – check here for updates, weekly "at-home" service bulletins and information   Email List- if you are already on the church’s email list you will be contacted with updates etc.   Pastoral calls instead of pastoral visits- this is the time to stay connected with one another. So call to check in and catch up with one another. Reach out through cyber space to connect. Facetime, Skype, and the phone can help us feel connected. Please share spirit filled prayers and passages to lift up one another. We have the technology to reach out to one another. Let us use it!  

All Sunday Worship Services and other gatherings at Cliff Avenue United Church will be suspended/postponed until further notice.    

The Cliff Ave UC AGM scheduled for March 22 will be rescheduled later in the year.   There is a high degree of uncertainty regarding how long it will take for COVID-19 to pass. For this reason, we will send updates on how to stay safe, resources and links to access the spiritual guidance and faith filled community in new forms and in new places.  

As we adhere to the recommended "social distancing," we will need your financial support more than ever. We ask that you please make your weekly donations in one of the following ways:   1.    PAR – continue to tithe and give. 2. Mail your cheques to Cliff Avenue United Church, 1600 Cliff Ave. Burnaby, BC V5A 2K2   If you have questions regarding our events or programs, please call the office at 604-420-2621or email us at [email protected]  

We also know just how important it is to stay connected during this time, so please continue to pray for one another and to make your prayer requests known to Rev Jen or to Pam in the office. If you are in need of direct personal support, call 604-420-2621.   Trusting in the One who created heaven and earth, we trust that this Covid 19 Pandemic will pass and that we will create a new normal as we move forward with faith.   Be careful, not fearful. And continue to sing your song of faith through these challenging times.   We are not alone. God is with us. Thanks be to God.  

In trust and with gratitude for your support,  

Rev Jennifer Goddard-Sheppard

Fred Roberts - Chair of the Cliff Ave UC Board