Pam Athey

With the rebuilding of Como Lake United Church in Coquitlam, The Gentlemen of Fortune Chorus needed to find a new home for their weekly rehearsals. After a little negotiating and a practice run, we are pleased to report that the group will be holding their weekly rehearsals here beginning the first Tuesday evening in April.  There are some “perks” to this new arrangement as well…once they settle into their new digs, the rehearsals are open to the public so if you feel like having a listen, drop by one Tuesday evening and see for yourself what a talented group they are!  For more information about The Gentlemen of Fortune, visit their website at: Imagine Pam’s surprise when a quartet of the Gentlemen dropped by the church with a beautiful red rose and a special Valentine’s Day serenade! They are a friendly group of men and we look forward to a positive working relationship with them.